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Involvement Opportunities

In the MyStudyAbroad Portal

  • Complete the Returnee Questionnaire
  • Submit photos in the Returnee Photo Submission Form
  • Turn in a Study Abroad Testimonial

Participate in the Study Abroad Returnee Advisory Committee

Each semester, returnees can apply to serve on the Study Abroad Returnee Advisory Committee (SARAC). SARAC members serve as the student advisory body to the study abroad team sharing their experiences and unique perspectives. Joining SARAC will enable students to develop and strengthen leadership skills, connect with students and staff about issues they are concerned about, and assist fellow students with having their voice heard. Contact Jennifer Heinrich to apply.

Connect with international exchange students

Do you remember feeling lost when you first arrived at your program abroad? Did you crave connections with local students? Now that you are back from abroad, you are the local student who can connect. Contact Craig Harmelin to get involved.

Be a conversation partner to an international student or visitor

Do you remember language challenges abroad? Do you want to teach ESL or English? Do you just want to make an international student feel welcome? Join the Conversation Partner Program (deadlines apply).

Share and speak at study abroad info meetings

The UC Merced Study Abroad staff can use help at informational meetings. You can serve on panels, share country-specific information, or talk about what it was like as a SSHA or STEM student. Contact your study abroad advisor to volunteer.

Attend pre-departure orientation meetings

You are, in many ways, an expert in your program now. Your Study Abroad advisor does not know what your housing was like, how hard it was for you to pick up the local language, or the intricacies of the local culture in the way that you experienced them. We can use your help. Contact your study abroad advisor to volunteer.

Be a study abroad mentor

Do you want to get more involved in helping students prepare to go abroad? You could mentor prospective study abroad students. All you need to do is meet up once per semester, perhaps over coffee, and stay in touch by email (or phone/text if you prefer). Contact your study abroad advisor to volunteer.