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Faculty and Advisors

Opportunities for Faculty Involvement

There are many opportunities for UC Merced faculty memebers to get involved with UCEAP at the international, systemwide and campus levels. All information for faculty is provided on the UCEAP website.

Academic Integration

The purpose of academic integration is to fully integrate study abroad coursework into the academic program of UC Merced students. The goals are to:

  1. Raise awareness about study abroad opportunities;
  2. Facilitate the study abroad course substitution process for academic credit for general education, major and minor course requirements;
  3. Create online and paper advising materials in collaboration with departments that will assist students in program choice and course selection for their study abroad program; and
  4. Collect, analyze and share data about UC Merced, UC and U.S. students who are studying abroad in increasing numbers.

To facilitate advising and encourage study abroad in every major, the study abroad director would help faculty and academic advisors in both of the following areas:

  1. Create major advising content initially for each school, but eventually for each major and minor; and
  2. Coordinate study abroad meetings for students in school- or major-specific meetings.