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Application Deadlines

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UCEAP Deadlines

UCEAP 2021-22 Deadlines

    Programs Starting Summer, Fall 2021:

    Programs Starting During Spring (or Winter) 2022:

    * UCEAP deadlines subject to change

    UCSA Deadlines

    The deadline to apply for UC Summer Abroad with UC Davis, UCLA, or another campus is set by the campus administering the program. UC Merced students should notify their study abroad advisor no later than March 1 of their participation and review financial aid requirements for summer.

    IOP Deadlines

    IOP deadlines are fixed for UC Merced for financial and review purposes. Students should inquire with the study abroad provider for details on their deadlines for application. UC Merced requires students to file IOP paperwork by the following deadlines:

    If the deadline falls on a weekend or holiday, the deadline will be the following business day.

    UCEAP Deadline Extension Request Form

    Extension Request Form

    For some programs, extensions might be possible with certain limitations. Please complete the form below to request an extension.