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Bobcats without Borders

General Education


COVID-19 Message from UC Merced Study Abroad

Please know that we are here to help you dream and plan to go abroad whenever you are ready and programs can reopen. (More info)

Starting with the incoming class from fall 2018 and beyond, students have unique, pre-approved opportunities to complete general education requirements through study abroad. Specifically, students can now complete the following requirements automatically through study abroad:


"The study of language exposes you to different ways of structuring thought. Engagement with multiple languages introduces students to a range of ways to structure and express thought."

The Language requirement can be met by the successful completion of the second semester of a UC Merced foreign language course (e.g. SPAN 002, JPN 002) or equivalent.

Students who successfully complete any of the following University of California Education Abroad Program options automatically fulfill the Language requirement for the General Education program:

Additional UCEAP, UC Summer Abroad, and International Opportunities Program opportunities are possible—either on their own or in combination with other language learning—but have not yet received pre-approval to meet the language requirement.

Intellectual Experience Badge: Global Awareness

Global Awareness Badge"Learn about environments, cultures, and issues in nations and regions outside the US."

Students who successfully complete any University of California Education Abroad Program option have pre-approval for the Global Awareness badge the General Education program. Get to know your world!

UC Summer Abroad and International Opportunities Program opportunities are possible but have not yet received pre-approval to meet the Global Awareness Badge requirement.