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Graduating Seniors

Many UC students graduate from abroad each year. With a little planning, you can too!

Graduating from Abroad

The reporting and posting of grades for courses taken abroad may take as much as one semester after you return, as many as 60 to 90 days. Therefore, students should submit their graduation applications no sooner than the semester after they return. For example, if a student’s program ends in spring, coursework likely will not appear until during the fall semester.


In most cases, students will not be able to move up their exams abroad in order to participate in the UC Merced commencement ceremony if the program length stretches beyond the UC Merced spring semester. Students may purchase another roundtrip ticket to come back to California for a graduation ceremony and return to their program, but the cost is not covered by financial aid. Students may also choose to participate in the commencement ceremony the following year without taking additional coursework.

UCEAP Grades

It is not possible to obtain grades early. If students know that they need show coursework for graduate study applications or employment, they contact the Office of International Affairs, where advisors can direct them to resources.