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UC Education Abroad Program

UC Education Abroad Program

The UC Education Abroad Program — often called EAP or UCEAP — is the official, systemwide program for the University of California. Established in 1962, UCEAP is one of the oldest and most reputable study abroad programs and offers UC students study abroad opportunities in nearly 35 countries around the world through scores of international partner institutions for summer, semester, and yearlong programs most in study — but also internship, field study, and research — abroad programs.

Advantages of UCEAP

UCEAP, being part of the University of California system, has several distinct advantages for UC Merced students that make it a good choice for many students:

  • All units transfer as UC units automatically.
  • All federal, California and UC financial aid travels with students automatically.
  • Veterans fee waiver students are still eligible for the fee waiver on UCEAP.
  • Costs per unit are very competitive with other study abroad programs.
  • Staff specialize in working with UC students.
  • UC Merced staff are more knowledgeable about UCEAP opportunities.

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