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Academic Policy

Academic Policies Affecting Study Abroad

Here are policies that uniquely affect students who study abroad:

  • The Residency Requirement states: "Each candidate for the bachelor’s degree must complete 24 of the last 36 units in residence in the school of the University of California in which the degree is to be earned." (see UC Merced Catalog, Policies and Procedures). This policy exempts UCEAP and UC Summer Abroad students but it does affect IOP participants. IOP students may petition their dean or the vice provost for undergraduate education for an exception.
  • All students with minors in SSHA and Natural Sciences must complete at least three courses toward each minor here at UC Merced (see UC Merced Catalog, Schools and Majors; see examples for American Studies, Anthropology, Applied Mathematics, Natural Sciences Education). No study abroad students are exempted from this requirement.
  • Commencement: As UCEAP and IOP grades take up to 90 days to return to campus from abroad, students should plan to graduate (i.e. complete their degree requirements) no sooner than the term in progress 90 days after the final date of their program. This impacts commencement (i.e. the graduation ceremony) as campus policy states that students may "participate in the Commencement ceremony if they completed their degree requirements the prior fall, or if they anticipate completing their degree requirements in spring or summer." (see UC Merced Catalog, Graduation)
  • Undergraduate Normal Progress to Degree: As part of the Academic Planning Form, the Office of International Affairs encourages students to list out their degree requirements and timeline to degree. UC Merced policy states, "[e]xtensions of enrollment beyond nine terms require the approval of the student’s school. In order to remain in good standing, students must meet the minimum progress requirements of the campus." (see UC Merced Catalog, Progress to Degree and Academic Standing)