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Students Abroad


Your term abroad is supposed to be the time of your life, but in the midst of your experience you need to keep in contact with your home campus. Here are a few reminders for your time abroad:

  • Stay in close contact with your academic advisor(s) while selecting your courses abroad. He/She will be the best one-stop source of information on what is likely to count toward your degree.
  • File your FAFSA online (or CA Dream Act Application) if you are abroad during the January 2 – March 2 window.
  • Send an email, a letter, or a postcard while abroad to either your academic advisor(s) or your study abroad advisor.

Returning to UC Merced

If studying abroad was the best academic decision you have ever made, UC Merced would like to use your expertise to help recruit and advise for study abroad programs in your city, country, and/or region. If you are interested, please make sure to contact the International Center to volunteer or offer any ideas you may have about recruiting other students.