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Reasons to schedule an appointment | Cancellations | How to schedule an appointment | Troubleshooting

Reasons to Schedule an Appointment

Study abroad advisor appointments are intended for the following purposes:

  • Application follow-up: after a student submits a UCEAP application, they should schedule an appointment with an advisor
  • Confidential issues: these vary but may include:
    • GPA, academic qualifications
    • Health issues
    • Disability accommodations
  • Complex issues: if the front desk of the International Center is unable to answer student question because of their complexity they may recommend an appointment
  • When the study abroad advisor recommends an appointment


If a student cannot attend an appointment for any reason, a courtesy notice of one (1) business day via email or phone is recommended. Failure to show up to an appointment may risk a student's ability or nomination to participate in a program.

How to Schedule an Appointment

  1. Visit the "Staff" page in the MyStudyAbroad Portal
  2. Click on the appropriate advisor
  3. Click on the "Request an appointment or information." button
  4. If you are not already logged in to the MyStudyAbroad Portal, you will need to answer whether you have a UCMNetID and click "Submit" and log in; if you are already logged in, continue to the next step
  5. In the "Subject" line, enter a reason for the appointment such as one of those mentioned above
  6. Click on "Click to Request An Appointment" and select the best time that works for you (you may need to click on the "Next week" link to find an available appointment slot)
  7. In the "Message" box, enter a message to describe the nature of your appointment so that the advisor can prepare
  8. Click "Send"


The main issue students encounter when students add appointments to their calendar is that they appear with the wrong time. This is usually a timezone issue in the student calendar. Here are instructions on how to fix this issue.