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Summer Public Office Hours: May 20 – August 9

During the summer months, the Office of International Affairs will observe revised hours during with the office will be open to the public:

Monday – Thursday: 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM & 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM

These hours do not reflect any changes in availability for drop-ins, appointments, or other business. If you have specific needs, you may reach out or utilize the Connect page. We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.

Trending Study Abroad Programs

UC Merced Study Abroad Stories of Interest

Which are the top five study abroad programs over the last month? Perennially popular programs? Or some surprises?

By a huge margin, the Pontifical Catholic Univ. of Rio de Janeiro leads the pack. #2-5 ranked programs are all clustered together and separated from the remaining programs.

#1: UCEAP – BRAZIL - Pontifical Catholic Univ. of Rio de Janeiro

BRAZIL - Pontifical Catholic Univ. of Rio de Janeiro header

Samba and bossa nova rhythms float through the energetic air of Rio de Janeiro. Near foothills and beaches, Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro offers culturally relevant offerings in gender and race issues, Brazilian politics and culture, a…

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#2: UCEAP – Univ. of Barcelona

Univ. of Barcelona header

The seaside metropolis of Barcelona is more than beaches, sunshine, and nightlife. Barcelona is filled with diversity in its culture, architecture, art, economy, and gastronomy. Your classes will be small, and if you're interested in education, social ju…

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#3: UCEAP – ITALY - Univ. of Bologna

ITALY - Univ. of Bologna header

Nestled between Venice and Florence, Bologna holds the distinct status of Italy's food capital. The University of Bologna attracts students of all majors from all over the continent. Independent learners love the internship options, projects with Italian…

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#4: UCEAP – SWEDEN - Lund Univ.

SWEDEN - Lund Univ. header

Lund blends modern style and ancient heritage. Explore hip coffee houses, lush parks, and a striking medieval cathedral and discover a rich history tracing back to the Viking Age. Being a hub of technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship, Lund is a fan…

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#5: UCEAP – TAIWAN - National Taiwan Univ.

TAIWAN - National Taiwan Univ. header

Experience a fusion of cultures, flavors, and styles in Taipei. Taoist temples hum with prayers as trains whiz by. With a growing English curriculum, National Taiwan University is a great choice for advancing in business, economics, engineering, politica…

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Why These?

Rio de Janeiro, while an exciting city in so many ways, is rather surprising if we look at past trends. Barcelona remains a top desintation of interest. Bologna is quickly becoming one of the most accessible cities in English for study in Italy, particulary for STEM but also SSHA students. Lund, Sweden is another stable program, accessible to our students in English, offering courses across many majors in an affordable city. Rounding out the list, Taiwan is another surprise when comparing to past trends, but still an exciting destination for students across a variety of majors.

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