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Trending Study Abroad Programs

UC Merced Study Abroad Stories of Interest

Which are the top five study abroad programs over the last month? Perennially popular programs? Or some surprises?

#1: UCEAP – United Kingdom: English Universities

English Universities header

You can never really know your own culture until you get outside of it. An incredible transportation system makes it easy to see a whole lot of Europe on the cheap and if you’re placed in a university outside London, you can still experience the city–it’s just a train ride away. This program is a full immersion experience, which means you’ll be treated like any other British student.

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#2: UCEAP – Korea: Seoul National Univ.

Seoul National Univ. header

Whatever you want, day or night, the city of Seoul can provide. At Seoul National University, you can experience the best of college life and Korean culture. A low cost of living and brilliant public transport opens an even broader world of discoveries. Find inner peace at a temple or pond, tour a palace, sip tea in the traditional Bukchon village, or savor a late-night snack in one of the street markets.

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#3: UCEAP – United Kingdom: Summer at Univ. College London

Summer at Univ. College London header

Spend the summer in iconic London. University College London, the most popular English university for UC students, offers a large selection of summer courses for a variety of majors. Program activities include cultural excursions, shows in the West End, comedy nights, day trips outside of London, and a boat party. With London’s typical cloudy weather cleared away, summer becomes the season for festivals, music events, street markets, outdoor movies, and all-around cheerful moods.

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#4 (tie): UCEAP – Norway: Univ. of Oslo

Univ. of Oslo header

Experience the northern lights, flowing waterfalls, and the jaw-dropping beauty of Oslo. At the University of Oslo, take classes in English in a variety of subjects. Norwegians and exchange students join you in class, making for a truly international study experience. University events expand on course topics like architecture, media, law, and politics. Tour heritage sites, step onto an ancient Viking ship, go to a concert in a fortress, or take a ski course.

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#4 (tie): UCEAP – Korea: Yonsei Univ.

Yonsei Univ. header

Seoul is a fashion and technology trendsetter with traditional roots showcased in its temples, shrines, and palaces. At Yonsei University, immerse yourself in the Korean lifestyle. Take a class on Korean history, study Korean pop culture, experience the comedy of Nanta, a wordless cooking performance, and learn about K-drama. You can pursue classes in any major and, if you have a soft spot for East Asian culture, you’ll find this program especially rewarding.

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Why These?

It's hard to say for sure, but there's a lot of demand for the UK and Korea, the normally respectively ranked #1 and #3 study abroad destinations for UC Merced students.

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