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Study Abroad Definitions

AIR Form or Academic Information and Review Form

Form used for planning and reviewing study abroad classes through IOP.

APF or Academic Planning Form

Form used for planning and reviewing study abroad classes through UCEAP.





IOP or International Opportunities Program

Independent study abroad opportunities. Students work closely with study abroad providers to navigate their application processes. Students participate in the International Opportunities Program Leave at UC Merced to maintain their enrollment status upon return and their financial aid eligibility abroad, where applicable.

MyEAP or MyEAP Application

Portal for accessing the application for UCEAP as well as personal financial and academic information related to a student's participation in UCEAP. (MyEAP website)

MyStudyAbroad or UC Merced MyStudyAbroad Portal

Portal for accessing UC Merced requirements for all study abroad programs. Here students access and research program information, complete UC Merced study abroad requirements, and communicate electronically with study abroad advisors and International Center peer advisors. (MyStudyAbroad Portal website)

OFAS or Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships

This is the financial aid office name at UC Merced. Often generically referred to as FAO.

UCEAP or University of California Education Abroad Program

UC study abroad provider established in 1962 in France now serving students at all UC campuses and in more than three dozen countries around the world. This is the primary program through which students study abroad. Often referred to as EAP.

UCSA or UC Summer Abroad

Summer study abroad opportunities administered through sister campuses such as UC Davis, UCLA, and UC San Diego. Students typically work with the summer session or study abroad office on the campus administering the program through the application process.