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Application Status Definitions

Code Definition
Advising This is used for advising applications only. Staff will not adjust the application status of advising applications.
Pending This status means that a student has an active or open application. Applications will remain in this status until a student cancels the application or a staff person changes their status manually.
Campus Review This status is selected manually by an advisor. It is only used when students submit an application before a decision has been made about the application. This is used for statistics, recordkeeping, identifying progressed student applications, and liaising with other campus units.
Approved by UC Merced This status is no longer in use. Please do not use it.
Approved by UC Merced for Participation This status is used for IOP and UCSA participants only. This status identifies students who have completed all UC Merced requirements for participation in these programs.
Accepted by UC Merced This status is used for UCEAP participants when they are accepted. Some UCEAP options allow the campus to make the final decision. Others require approval by the host institution. This status is used for both.
Placed Historically this status was synonymous with "Accepted by UC Merced" but now it is only used for add-on options such as Pre-ILPs and summer programs preceding fall & yearlong programs.
Not Selected This status is used for rejected students only.
Alternate This status is rarely used. It is exclusively for waitlisted students. Alternates are encouraged to apply elsewhere unless the waitlist is only a formality, as determined by UCEAP.
Withdrawn This status is not in use by advisors as it is not descriptive enough. Advisors should use other Withdrawn status options.
Withdrawn: Pre-Departure This status is for all students who have withdrawn after reaching one of the following status: "Campus Review," "Approved by UC Merced for Participation," "Accepted by UC Merced," "Placed," or "Alternate."
Withdrawn: Post-Departure (No credit earned) This status is for all students who have withdrawn on or after the start date of their program, regardless of whether they entered the host country. If students withdraw post-departure but receive academic credit for all or a portion of the program, they should remain in an Accepted or Placed status and an application tag should be added to the application noting the post-departure withdraw with academic credit.
Cancelled (Application Discontinued) This status should be chosen by students who voluntarily withdraw their application during the "Advising," "Pending," or "Approved by UC Merced for Participation" status.