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UCEAP Reciprocal Exchange Students

Welcome new and potential UC Merced Bobcats!

Other international students should refer to the International Students and Scholars website.

UC Education Abroad Program Reciprocal Exchange

UCEAP reciprocity students hiking in nearby Yosemite

The UC Education Abroad Program is an international educational exchange program of the University of California (UC) system. It is composed of a specific group of universities around the world that have one year non-degree student exchange with the University of California. For more information about the UC Education Abroad Program visit the UCEAP homepage.

If you are a registered student at one of UC’s partner universities (PDF), go to your International/overseas office and ask for help in applying to the UC Education Abroad Program. UCEAP cannot send you an application; applications may only be obtained through your university exchange office.

If your institution does not participate in an exchange with the University of California and you are interested applying to the university independently, contact the Office of Admissions or the Admissions office of the campus of your choice. You should also find information for international applicants there.

For more information about University Summer Sessions and Extension Programs see below. These options are very popular with international students who do not wish to obtain a degree at UC but who want to have short-term UC experience but cannot participate in the Education Abroad Program as an exchange student.

UC Summer Sessions

Though the majority of Summer Session students are regularly enrolled UC students who would like to make faster progress toward their degree, you do not need to be admitted to the University of California to attend Summer Session courses. International students are welcome. Summer Session students pay a registration fee and unit fees for courses in which they enroll. Fees and course selections vary depending on the campus. Learn more about UC Summer Sessions.

UC Extension Programs

University Extension offers access to university courses, English language classes and professional certificate programs (e.g. computer training, business management) without requiring students to be formally admitted to the University of California.

Students pay for courses on a per unit basis. Costs of certificate programs and unit cost may vary depending on the campus. Students must inquire at the Extension office for advice on courses available and for visa advising.