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US Passport Progress Plateaus, Update #6

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Coronavirus Passport Update #6

Need a passport still? You can still expect delays:

No expedited processing is available except in life-and-death circumstances only.

If we were to hazard to guess how long it would take to get a passport if you applied today, we'd suggest it would be in the 12-15 week range, or Oct 16 – 30. If you're considering going abroad spring 2021 and need a visa, you likely would need a passport around that point. Translation: apply now!

On a Side Note

It might be another two months before the USA has a better handle on SARS-CoV-2 and, until then, we may find some countries a little less than enthusiastic about granting entry to USA students. Study abroad is mostly off the table until January 2021, but we might expect many host countries might require extra screening of US residents before travel or study on their end.

If you were to get on an airplane in the USA to study abroad today, you would likely face pre-screening, symptom checks upon arrival, and potentially a Coronavirus test and/or quarantine for the first few days or weeks.

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