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Trending Programs of 2022

UC Merced Study Abroad Stories of Interest

The Institute for International Education, the official organization collecting study abroad statistics across the United States ranks the top three study abroad destination countries for US college students in this order:

  1. United Kingdom
  2. Italy
  3. Spain

The UC Education Abroad Program, the systemwide study abroad program, shows the same countries in a slightly different order:

  1. United Kingdom
  2. Spain
  3. Italy

But UC Merced Bobcats have shown a greater interest in East Asia than either of these larger trends, drawn often to cultural aspects of Korea and STEM opportunities in Japan. So, what were the most sought out study abroad programs in 2022?

Chart showing Study Abroad Program interest as measured by website viewers

Check out the top 10 programs of 2022 for yourself to see what your peers are researching:

  1. KOREA - Yonsei Univ.
  2. ITALY - Psychology & Cognitive Science, Padua
  3. JAPAN - Engineering & Science
  4. SPAIN - Univ. of Barcelona
  5. UNITED KINGDOM - English Universities
  6. JAPAN - STEM Research in Osaka
  7. MEXICO - National Autonomous Univ. of Mexico (UNAM)
  8. SPAIN - Carlos III Univ. of Madrid
  9. JAPAN - Hitotsubashi Univ.
  10. KOREA - Seoul Summer

While some programs have ample or unlimited spots, keep in mind that the most popular programs aren't necessarily the programs with the most space available to meet student demand.

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