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Travel Essentials Shopping List


COVID-19 Message from UC Merced Study Abroad

Please know that we are here to help you dream and plan to go abroad whenever you are ready and programs can reopen. (More info)

UC Merced Study Abroad Stories of Interest

Here's a quick list of items you might consider picking up before traveling for study abroad. Explore these or consider comparable items:

Travel and passport wallet with RFID-blocking technology

Travel and passport wallet with RFID-blocking technology: carry your passport, travel docs, ID, etc. in an RFID-blocking wallet just for travel. Why RFID-blocking? Because you don't want a skimmer to pick up your ATM card info or your passport details.

Money belt with RFID-blocking technology

Money belt with RFID-blocking technology: you'll want to hide money, credit cards, or even your passport in a concealed location. Any why RFID-blocking? Skimmers can pick up your financial or personal info. Think of a mobile CatCard reader skimming your data to then steal your money or your identity.

Electrical plug adapters with USB ports

Electrical plug adapters with USB ports: early and simple adapters only convert your plug so you can plug in your laptop or other item that matches a standard wall plug, but we all have phones and gadgets you want to charge simultaneously.

Packing cubes

Packing cubes: keep things organized, separate your unmentionables in case your bag is selected for additional screening by airport security, keep your dirty laundry separate, and save space in your luggage.

Travel Space Saver bags

Travel Space Saver bags: keep things organized, extract the extra air from your clothes, easily view the contents of your luggage, and get more space out of your luggage with a set of Space Saver bags.

Anti-theft bag

Anti-theft bag: because you want to visit World Heritage sites in places around the globe that also double as pickpocketer meccas or because you'll be traveling in busy public transit systems where it might be tough to watch your own back.

Power bank / USB charger

Power bank / USB charger: because you can't always charge your phone while on the move, whether your hiking the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu or touring the Roman Fora and you still want to Whatsapp your friends and take pictures on your phone before it dies.

Inflatable travel pillow

Inflatable travel pillow: Even if you can't sleep on a plane, the pillows and adjustable headrests are simply insufficient for a 12-hour flight. But travel pillows are bulky and you have limited space in your luggage, so consider going inflatable.

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