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Ten Research Programs for Research Week

UC Merced Study Abroad Stories of Interest

March 5-9 is Research Week!

Celebrate with 10 research-focused programs.

Research Week

Whether with a specific focus on research or with special opportunities to focus on research through elective coursework, these are ten excellent programs with opportunities for all students interested in research:

  1. Japan — Engineering & Science in English, Tohoku Univ.
    The Japanese tradition of monozukuri (the “spirit of creation”) embodies full-time research options in three exciting cities in Japan (Tokyo, Sendai or Osaka). Conduct science and engineering research on a focused topic through lab experiments, peer consultation and dialogue with faculty and leading scientists.
  2. Costa Rica — Tropical Biology & Conservation, Monteverde Institute (Semester)
    Monteverde is a rural community where bicultural meets bilingual. The biologically diverse area is a hot spot for strong conservation efforts and eco-tourism. Personalized lectures in the forest, lab experience and field trips will help you build a strong research portfolio.
  3. Japan — Lab Research
    Lab Research, Engineering & Science, Osaka Univ.
    Summer Lab Research, Engineering & Science, Osaka Univ.
    Summer Lab Research, Engineering & Science, Univ. of Tokyo
    Lab research opportunities at prestigious Japanese universities working on cutting-edge topics related to your UC field of study.
  4. Singapore — Science & Engineering Internship, Agency for Science, Technology & Research
    Apply for this high-level internship opportunity to assist in cutting-edge research under international scientists on national research projects.
  5. Mexico — Field Research, UC Center Mexico City
    Choose your own topic. This program is geared toward students who seek specialized training on how to develop, investigate and present a research project. After a short methodology course, you will travel to the Yucatán, Oaxaca, Querétaro or other field sites to complete your research while living with an indigenous community. Classes are taught in Spanish.
  6. Taiwan — Lab Research, Engineering & Science, National Taiwan Univ.
    Engage in a lab research program at state-of-the-art engineering or science laboratories. Excursions, cultural activities, sports facilities, and housing all included.
  7. Australia — Marine Biology & Terrestrial Ecology, Univ. of Queensland
    Experience innovative research and world-class instruction in the diverse marine ecosystems in Queensland. Attend lectures, lab studies and field study on the Heron Island Research Station, the Great Barrier Reef and other coastal locations.
  8. Sweden — Lund Univ.
    With a strong focus on biology and engineering, you can arrange a field project, lab research or independent study with a local faculty member. The university seeks students who want to improve our world and the human condition. Courses are taught in English.
  9. Korea — Yonsei Univ.
    Students have created research projects in biochemistry, biology, political science and other fields. Located in Seoul, the capital of South Korea, courses are taught in English. Korean language study is optional with the summer program.
  10. Denmark — Univ. of Copenhagen
    In the beautiful capital of Denmark, this university is one of Europe’s leading universities and known for innovative research, particularly in the biological and environmental sciences. Classes are small and interaction levels are high. Courses are taught in English.

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