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Globle: Daily Spatial Geography Game

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Globle Game puzzle with Burkina Faso as the "Mystery Country" of the day

Globle: Daily Spatial Geography Game

Last week we reviewed Worldle (yes, that's how it's spelled), a game with a not-so-subtle nod to Wordle with a distinct geographical twist. This time, we are exploring Globle (yes, that's how this one is spelled). It's another fun daily geography guessing game, but more distant from the Wordle format.

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Similar to Wordle, this is a daily puzzle game. If you are good with geography, most days might take 4-8 guesses, perhaps fewer if you can estimate distances well on a globe. The gameplay is a little different from Wordle and Worldle, but here are the basics:

  1. The object is to guess the "Mystery Country" of the day in as few guesses as possible, using the hints provided with each guess.
  2. Again, like Worldle and Wordle, there is one puzzle per day. No need to worry about losing 2 hours in one sitting to an addictive game.
  3. You start by naming a single country, watching it highlighted in color based on proximity to the "Mystery Country" of the day. If you look below the globe, you will also find the distance between that the "Mystery Country" and the geographically nearest country guess in kilometers.
  4. Highlighted colors will be on a warm color scale based on proximity to the "Mystery Country." Countries guessed in close proximity will appear in deeper red colors while those more distant will appear less warm in colors like orange to yellow or pale yellow.
  5. With each guess, your guessed countries will be ranked based on geographical proximity to the "Mystery Country."
  6. When you guess the correct country, it will be highlighted in green.

Overall, this one might be more challenging than Worldle from last week. We hope you find a little joy—or perhaps another daily obsession—in this geography game.

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