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Five Reasons to Apply during Passport Awareness Month!

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September = Passport Awareness Month!

September is a great time to start your passport application process if your passport has expired or will expire by November 2023. Here are five (5) of the top reason we would suggest that you apply for a passport:

California Real ID

#5: You need to fly—even within the United States. A US Passport serves as RealID if you don't have a RealID drivers licence or ID card.

Family gathering

#4: In case you have to go abroad all of a sudden. Imagine, if you have family abroad, that your cousin decides to get married and all of sudden you find yourself in the position of planning to visit family for some get-together. An ill relative is another reason why students suddenly need a passport.

Spring break

#3:You already have your eye on a spring break trip abroad and you know there'll be a crush of people applying for last-minute passports.


#2: You've discovered there's a research or volunteering opportunity abroad. Some clubs and orgs arrange spring-time volunteering and then there are research opportunities that might take you overseas.

Study abroad

#1: You want to study abroad. Even if you haven't applied for study abroad, a summer 2023 program will require that you have a passport long before you get on the plane, and, in some cases, before you can submit a study abroad application.

Need a passport? We have sessions if you need, or you can explore what it takes on your own.

Check out this how-to video on applying for a passport:

How to Apply for a US Passport video

Start Your Application

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