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April 22: Earth Day, UCEAP Spring 2022 Deadline

UC Merced Study Abroad Stories of Interest

Earth Day 2021 theme: Restore Our Earth

April 22 is Earth Day—and the UCEAP spring 2022 deadline

April 22 marks Earth Day. As you celebrate this year, explore some unique study abroad opportunities that promote sustainability and ecological diversity.

UCEAP opportunities that focus on conservation, restoration, or sustainability

Butterfly on a log
Butterfly on a log in Costa Rica
  1. Marine Biology & Terrestrial Ecology, Australia
    A model of diversity, Australia is home to more species of plants, mammals, birds, and amphibians than any other country. If you’re passionate about oceanography, ecology, and conservation, this fieldwork program is a perfect fit.
  2. Socio-Ecological Sustainability in Southern Chile
    Investigate sustainable development and conservation. In the land of the indigenous Mapuche people, there is awe-inspiring beauty everywhere—and it demands preservation. As you build a sustainability plan, through the lens of the Mapuche, consider the local agriculture, logging industry, and tourism. Travel to national parks and stay in a natural retreat area to work on your project.
  3. Community-Based Health, Food Security and Development, Ghana
    Head to Ghana’s rural villages for an unforgettable experience in community development. Combining academics and fieldwork, you’ll build marketable skills in your field. University of Ghana faculty and medical experts teach seminars that prepare you for community service outside the capital of Accra.
  4. Made in Italy
    In beautiful Florence, a global capital of culture and innovation, you can learn about the entrepreneurial spirit that fuels family businesses in Italy, explore how Italian style in food, fashion and art has evolved and is marketed, or study the environment and sustainability in Tuscany through internships and coursework.
  5. International Economics, Thailand
    Geek out on the economy, trade, and investments. You’ll also see how fair economic competition, sustainable development, and equitable economics continue to integrate the Association of Southeast Asian Nations into the global economy. 
  6. Tropical Biology and Conservation, Costa Rica
    Research ecology, biology, and natural history in the cloud forests, oceans, and mountains of Costa Rica. Monteverde, based high in the protected cloud forest, is a rural community of bicultural and bilingual people. As a conservation and ecotourism destination, it attracts biologists from all over the world.
  7. Univ. of British Columbia, Canada
    The surroundings, including the close proximity to the Pacific Ocean, and its commitment to creating an exceptional learning environment make UBC a prime destination for scientific research. Nature-lovers and inquisitive minds have the freedom to research everything from subatomic physics to plant research to sustainability.
  8. Lund Univ, Sweden
    Being a hub of technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship, Lund is a fantastic choice for a wide-range of academic pursuits. As the birthplace of innovations like the artificial kidney, Bluetooth, and the eco-friendly Tetra Pak carton, Lund University is an exciting place to study and take courses like Social Innovation or Sustainability Management.
  9. Univ. of Botswana
    Challenge your perspectives on Africa as you explore public health, ecotourism, development, and wildlife preservation in Gaborone. Botswana's diverse landscapes, biodiversity, and focus on sustainable growth will present both a scientific and social perspective on issues impacting the global community. Complement your studies with a weeklong rural safari in Chobe National Park.
  10. Biodiversity, Singapore
    Take your love for nature to the clean, green, and biologically rich island of Singapore. Venture into tropical ecosystems and conduct field studies in swamps, rainforests, and coral reefs. Dynamic field classes include rigorous hikes, swimming, and exploration of remote areas.

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