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2024-25 Study Abroad Deadlines Announced

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Ready, Set, Mark Your Calendar!

Are you ready to embark on an exciting international academic journey? UCEAP application deadlinesare here, and maybe you're itching to dive in and submit your application. But here's the catch: you'll have to wait a little longer. The good news is, you can get a head start on planning your study abroad experience by signing up for alerts that will keep you informed about deadlines, events, and other exciting opportunities.

Mark Your Calendars: Deadlines Announced

The first step in planning your study abroad adventure is knowing when to apply. Below we have the application deadlines for the 2024-25 academic year. It's crucial to keep these dates in mind:

But Wait...Applications Open November 1, 2023

Now, here's the twist - the applications won't open until November 1, 2023. We understand that waiting can be tough, especially when you're eager to start. However, this extra time is an opportunity to perfect your application, research your destination, explore requirements, and make sure everything is in place for your study abroad experience.

Get Ahead of the Game: Sign Up for Alerts

While you may not be able to submit your application just yet, you can stay ahead of the curve by signing up for alerts about important updates, deadlines, events, and other opportunities related to studying abroad.

Here are some benefits of signing up for alerts:

  1. Early Access to Information: By subscribing to alerts, you'll be among the first to know when the application opens. This will give you a competitive edge and allow you to submit your application promptly.
  2. Deadline Reminders: Never miss an important deadline again! Alerts will remind you of key dates, ensuring that you have ample time to prepare your application materials.
  3. Exclusive Events: There may be informational webinars, virtual campus tours, and Q&A sessions.
  4. Scholarship Opportunities: You can't miss scholarship and funding announcements to fund your journey.
  5. Destination Insights: Whether returnees, program advisors, alumni, or local experts, there may be unique opportunities to learn about your chosen destination, such as local culture, tips for adjusting to life abroad, and what to expect from your academic program.

How to Sign Up for Alerts

Signing up for alerts is typically a straightforward process. There are two main options, and we recommend using both:

  1. By email: Join our interest list
  2. By phone: Opt in to mobile notifications via the UC Merced Connect app

While You Wait

While the wait to submit your study abroad application might be challenging, it's essential to use this time wisely. Map out your study abroad goals and ambitions, start conversations with parents or your hometown supporters, your academic advisor(s), and others invested in your academic journey.This proactive approach will not only keep you ahead of the game but also ensure that you're well-prepared to embark on your dream study abroad adventure in the coming year. So, get ready to explore the world and expand your horizons – your international academic journey awaits!

Start Your Application

Ready to apply? Head over to the MyStudyAbroad Portal to begin your find your progam and being your application today.