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Summer Public Office Hours: May 20 – August 9

During the summer months, the Office of International Affairs will observe revised hours during with the office will be open to the public:

Monday – Thursday: 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM & 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM

These hours do not reflect any changes in availability for drop-ins, appointments, or other business. If you have specific needs, you may reach out or utilize the Connect page. We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.

Suggested Programs for Bioengineering

Student performing in lab

Bioengineering, similar to other newer areas of engineering, may require a little extra research in order to find ideally suited programs for study abroad. Here are some suggested opportunities to start exploring:

Programs Specifically Selected for MAJOR



Learn more about deadlines, details, and the application

Immersion & Exchange Programs Suggested for Bioengineering

Singapore: National Univ. of Singapore (NUS)

The Faculty of Engineering has outstanding and internationally recognized engineering programs. From building race cars to developing human-like robotic muscles, the National University of Singapore is leading the way in designing solutions for current global challenges through its research and development of new technologies. Here you may access the "Technopreneur" program, a competitive, experiential learning module blending engineering with business and the arts.

Learn more about deadlines, details, and the application

Hong Kong: Hong Kong Univ. of Science & Technology

The School of Engineering, ranked #1 in Greater China, focuses on the latest findings and research and allows you to take courses that apply to today's workforce and technological needs. A wide range of courses are offered ranging from human-computer interfacing technologies to aerospace engineering, energy systems, green energy, and much more.

Learn more about deadlines, details, and the application

Taiwan: National Taiwan Univ. (NTU)

National Taiwan University in Taipei has maintained its standing as the most prestigious College of Engineering in Taiwan as it on the forefront of technological advancement in Taiwan. The engineering departments are offering a growing number of courses in English each year. The Departments of Civil Engineering and Chemical Engineering consistently offer exceptional courses taught in English.

Learn more about deadlines, details, and the application

Australia: Univ. of Melbourne

Ranked first in Australia for Engineering and Technology, the Melbourne School of Engineering offers an outstanding selection of engineering disciplines, including biomedical, chemical and biomolecular, and computing and information systems. Students enjoy the opportunity to attend special guest lectures put on by the School of Engineering.

Learn more about deadlines, details, and the application

Sweden: Lund Univ.

Small class sizes and direct contact with instructors create an intimate academic environment at the Faculty of Engineering in Lund. Courses in most UC engineering fields cover both theory and practical application to industry scenarios, and offer you a chance to participate in valuable research projects. With the appropriate background, you may take first year graduate-level courses for upper-division credit.

Learn more about deadlines, details, and the application

Ireland: Univ. College Dublin

Experience this lively university where you have the opportunity to participate in local sports and interest clubs while studying engineering. Students enjoy small class sizes and study a variety of topics including biomedical, chemical and bioprocess, civil, electrical, energy systems, and mechanical engineering.

Learn more about deadlines, details, and the application

Internship Opportunities for MAJOR Majors



Learn more about deadlines, details, and the application

Research Opportunities for MAJOR Majors



Learn more about deadlines, details, and the application

Global & International Opportunities



Learn more about deadlines, details, and the application

Summer Physics Abroad

One potential route to study abroad for STEM students is to tackle a full year of introductory physics over the summer. Typically, this is the summer between students’ first and second year at UC Merced. Consider these options:

Ireland: Dublin Summer Physics

In just eight weeks at the University College Dublin, you can earn a full year of calculus-based physics credit, get a jump on math coursework, or prepare for a pre-med track. Lab experiments and group workshops expand your science knowledge with students from around the world.

Learn more about deadlines, details, and the application

United Kingdom: Glasgow Science & Engineering

As the home to the James Watt School of Engineering and the School of Life Sciences, the University of Glasgow offers the perfect environment for this intensive physics summer program.

Learn more about deadlines, details, and the application

United Kingdom: Summer in Sussex

Minutes from the sparkling seafront, Sussex is quintessentially English, with spectacular castles, greenery, and attractions fit for royals. Pre-med and life sciences majors can earn up to a year of physics credit in two months!

Learn more about deadlines, details, and the application

Ecology & Evolutionary Biology Opportunities



Learn more about deadlines, details, and the application

Human Bio Opportunities



Learn more about deadlines, details, and the application

Engineering-Specific Opportunities

United Kingdom: Imperial College London

Become fully immersed in this year-long program dedicated to engineering majors only. Consistently rated in the top three universities in the UK, studies at Imperial College London involve a full schedule of specialized courses in your major. Enjoy the British educational system which requires a greater level of independence—with fewer exams, smaller class sizes, and a larger emphasis on practical, lab-based work.

Learn more about deadlines, details, and the application

Singapore: STEM Research in Singapore

Participate in cutting-edge scientific research on this full-time hands on lab program! You will become a member of an international research team and given assignments related to the broader research area. This is a highly selective program, prior research experience is strongly recommended.

Learn more about deadlines, details, and the application

Taiwan: Research in Taipei

Take advantage of this hands-on summer research opportunity! Students spend an estimated 30 hours per week in the lab and work directly with faculty, PhD, and graduate students from around the world. The required course, Exploring Taiwan, includes a series of lectures, cultural activities, and excursions.

Learn more about deadlines, details, and the application

Japan: STEM Research in Osaka

Whether your interest is quantum optical engineering, nuclear fusion studies, or intelligent mechanics, there is a lab for your particular interest. Past students have enjoyed using technical lab equipment and working closely with expert faculty and their research team.

Learn more about deadlines, details, and the application

Advanced MAJOR Opportunities



Learn more about deadlines, details, and the application

Feature: 5 Reasons STEM Majors Should Study Abroad

Group study session

Want to stand out on your next job application or boost your chances into getting into grad school? Or are you looking to expand your worldview, perhaps explore a side interest? Whatever your goal is, there’s a good chance study abroad can help you achieve it.

Completing Other Engineering Degree Requirements Abroad

Engineering students have several general education requirements that they can easily tackle through study abroad:

  1. Approaches to Knowledge
    1. At least one course in natural sciences
    2. At least three courses in social sciences, arts, and humanities
  2. Intellectual Experiences
    1. Global Awareness, which is automatically fulfilled through study abroad with UCEAP
    2. Additional Intellectual Experiences, as appropriate, including, but not limited to:
      1. Societies and Cultures of the Past,
      2. Diversity and Identity, or
      3. Sustainability

These requirements represent the most flexible general education requirements for Engineering students planning to study abroad.

Technical Electives Abroad

Technical electives serve as the next most flexible degree requirement category. Study abroad advisors suggest that engineers who wish to pursue engineering coursework while abroad and take advantage of the specializations of uniquely-positioned world-class universities save as many technical electives as they can while enrolled at UC Merced and instead target core, prescribed engineering requirements. Technical electives should value at least 3.0 semester units or students should plan to combine more than one course to fulfill unit requirements in this area.

Enrollment Planning Strategies for Engineers

Whenever possible, study abroad advisors recommend that Engineering students aim for more of their major and School of Engineering degree requirements when selecting a program and using the general education requirements as fallback options in case the targeted engineering course requirements do not pan out. In this way students continue to make progress toward their degrees while maximizing their scholarship potential and the the opportunities to integrate an international experience with their academic interests.

For Engineering requirements, students will have courses reviewed through the   Engineering course approval form, assuming the courses have not already been previously approved to fulfill a degree requirement.

Previously Approved UCEAP Coursework

The School of Engineering has made some previously approved courses for Engineering substitutions and/or requirements available to the public. This is not a comprehensive list of courses available but it may be a starting point in your research.

Additionally, the School of Natural Sciences has some previously approved courses listed online. This is not a comprehensive list of courses available, either, but it may help with SNS coursework to fulfill Engineering requirements.

  Engineering Course Approvals for UCEAP

  Natural Sciences Course Approvals for UCEAP

Course Approval and Course Approval Forms

With a few exceptions of previously approved courses (ask your academic advisor), courses will need to be approved to meet individual degree requirements. In these cases, students will use the Course Approval Form for the school that would typically offer such a course at UC Merced:


The school will often require a syllabus or equivalent in order to do a review. Keep in mind that syllabi may be protected intellectual property of certain professors or universities and may not be publicly posted online. If it is a UC Center program, you may be able to acquire syllabi through your study abroad advisor. If the program is with a local host university and the course is not posted online, you may be able to inquire with the instructor or host university in some cases.

Academic Planning

No matter your academic intentions while studying abroad, you should consult your academic advisor and your MyDegreePath report to plan out your study abroad academic goals. Once you narrow your search to 1-3 study abroad programs consult your program page or ask your study abroad advisor about resources for researching courses in your program.


Start planning for study abroad with your academic advisor as soon as you can. One of the keys to maximizing academic success abroad is early planning and scheduling course loads before, during, and after study abroad. This includes strategies such as targeting a study abroad term to exploit areas of flexibility in your academic plan.

Be sure to make use of UCEAP course credit resources below, too.


UC Merced Campus Credit through UCEAP

How to Explore Database of Courses Previously Taken


Campus Credit Abroad

Planning the courses you’ll take on study abroad is as important as figuring out when and where to go. All courses taken on the University of California Education Abroad Program (UCEAP) are guaranteed UC credit, but understanding how each class may fit into your academic plan is a critical part of the planning process.

UCEAP Database of Courses Previously Taken

How to Find Courses for UCEAP

One of the challenges with academic planning and completing the Academic Planning Form is finding courses. While there is never any certainty with course offerings and study abroad always requires a little calculated academic risk, there are some techniques to minimize the risk and exploit unique educational opportunities through study abroad.

Courses & Credit Tab

For nearly every UCEAP program page, there will be a tab labeled “Courses & Credit.” Within this tab you will find information and links in the “Course Opportunities” area. The course resources are listed in order of relevance. Depending on the program, you might find any of the following resources:

  1. Course syllabi
  2. Links to academic majors or programs with courses
  3. A bulleted list of courses

UCEAP Course Catalog

All UCEAP coursework taken in the last five (5) years is listed in the UCEAP Course Catalog. There are a few things you should consider when using the UCEAP Course Catalog:

  1. The list of courses is not comprehensive.
  2. Course units are listed in quarter units (to convert to semester units, divide by 1.5).
  3. Syllabi are not included.
  4. You may need to search less intuitive subject areas to find coursework (e.g. health sciences for public health, "engineering" for bioengineering, business for management and business economics).

Check Previously Approved Courses

There are a few resources available showing coursework previously approved for study abroad online. The resources are limited but they do represent some of the more recent course approvals:

A Note on Course Syllabi

Your academic advisor or school may insist that you need syllabi in order to determine whether a course abroad will substitute a particular degree requirement. While this is generally true, this does not prevent you from planning out your academic schedule abroad and determining what type of degree requirements a course may fulfill.

Sometimes your study abroad advisor or UCEAP can acquire a syllabus on your behalf; however, this is not always the case. Please understand that syllabi are often considered intellectual property and may not be shared until the course begins. Previously approved courses (see above) are often your first go-to resource to select courses.