How to start an application

Follow these step-by-step instructions to apply to study abroad:

  1. Visit the UC Merced MyStudyAbroad Portal and click on the "Programs" menu item to start your search for your program.

  2. Search for your program using either the "Simple Search" or the "Advanced Search" option. Search by program name, term, country, city, and more.

  3. From the results, click on your program.

  4. When you have loaded the page for your program, click the "Apply Now" button.

  5. Click "OK" that you are ready to create an application.

  6. If you are a UC Merced student or have a valid UCMNetID, click "Yes" that you are a currently registered UC Merced student.

  7. Enter your UCMNetID and password to log in.

  8. Select the term for which you wish to apply.

  9. Get started on your application. As you complete items, check marks will appear in the check boxes corresponding with those items.


If you have any difficulty navigating the MyStudyAbroad portal, please contact