Major/Minor Definitions

Code Definition
0000 Undeclared
AMER American Studies minor
ANTH Anthropology
ARTS Arts minor
BIOE Bioengineering
BIOS Biological Sciences
CCST Chicano/Chicana Studies minor
CHEM Chemical Sciences
CIS Cognitive & Information Scncs
COGS Cognitive Science
CRS Community Research and Service minor
CSE Computer Science & Engineering
ECON Economics
ENG English
ENVE Environmental Engineering
ESS Earth Systems Science
ESSU Environmental Science & Sustainability minor
ESYS Environmental Systems
EX Extension Program
GASP Global Arts Studies
HBIO Human Biology-OBS
HIST History
LIT Literature and Cultures minor
LTCU Literatures and Cultures
MATH Applied Mathematical Sciences
ME Mechanical Engineering
MBE Management and Business Economics
MGMT Management
MSE Materials Sci & Engineering
MTHM Applied Mathematical Sciences minor
NSED Natural Sciences Education
PH Interdisciplinary Public Health
PHIL Philosophy minor
PHYS Physics
POLI Political Science
PSY Psychology
PSYS Psychological Sciences
QSB Quantitative & Systems Biology
SCS Social and Cognitive Science
SOC Sociology
SPAN Spanish
SVSC Services Science minor
UENG Undeclared Engineering
UNS Undeclared Natural Sciences
USHA Undeclared Social Sciences, Humanities, and Art
WCH World Cultures & History
WRI Writing minor