Study Aboard with the New Environmental Justice Program

Join the Sea Shepard activists from the hit show Whale Wars as they risk it all to save the Antarctic whales. Students will join Captain Lockhart Maclean on the Sea Shepherds’ newest small vessel, the Gojira as they learn the intricacies of environmental justice in the field.

Hotter in Merced Than…

July 26 will mark the last new student orientation and the forecast is for a very warm welcome. The average high temperature in Merced in July? 96°. If you find it too hot in Merced, consider study abroad as an alternative. With the top 10 coolest cities.

Study Abroad and Walk in Commencement in Spring 2017

Did you know that it's possible to walk in Commencement and study abroad in the same semester? It takes good planning and some flexibility but it is entirely possible.

Introducing the UCEAP Virtual Study Abroad Program

Start off 2016-17 with a study abroad experience! There is need to worry about arranging flights, getting too far outside your comfort zone, or having to say goodbye to everyone or everything you love in California.

Gilman Scholarship Tip #3: Talk about Yourself

The Gilman Scholarship asks you to address your challenges in studying or interning abroad. This may be one of the most compelling sections of your application; be sure to make the most of it.

Gilman Scholarship Tip #2: Explain Why You Are Studying Abroad

Like any statement of purpose for study abroad, a central focus should be on your academic motives. As international education professionals, we who evaluate statements of purpose need to see some intentionality in how you chose your study abroad program and how it fits with your academic and career goals.

Gilman Scholarship Tip #1: Order Transcript

With the Gilman Scholarship due in 5 days, you should order your UC Merced official transcript by Friday to be sure it arrives on time. Here are transcript tips to save time, money, and headaches.

Tips on the Gilman for UC Merced Students

With the Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship deadline around the corner, here are the tips for UC Merced students.

UCEAP Application Tips

Don't feel overwhelmed but don't wait to the last minute either. Here are some tips for completing your UCEAP application worry-free.

New UCEAP Programs Starting 2016-17

UCEAP has launched a number of new programs for 2016-17. Maybe one of these is just right for you and, in UC Merced's pioneering spirit, you are ready to be among the first to go.


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