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Deadline Extensions by Date

UCEAP Deadline Extensions Listed by Date

Find UCEAP study abroad program deadline extensions listed by date below.

Program Term Deadline
CANADA - McGill Univ. Spring 20-May-2021
CANADA - Univ. of British Columbia Spring 20-May-2021
IRELAND - Irish Parliament Internship Spring 3-Jun-2021
IRELAND - Irish Universities Spring 3-Jun-2021
UNITED KINGDOM - Business and Entrepreneurship in London Winter, Spring 3-Jun-2021
UNITED KINGDOM - Intern: Scotland Spring 3-Jun-2021
UNITED KINGDOM - Sotheby's Institute of Art, London Spring 3-Jun-2021
ICELAND - Univ. of Iceland Spring 10-Jun-2021
DENMARK - Aarhus Univ. Spring 17-Jun-2021
DENMARK - Univ. of Copenhagen Spring 17-Jun-2021
ISRAEL - Hebrew Univ. of Jerusalem Spring 17-Jun-2021
JORDAN - Advanced Arabic Language, Amman Spring 17-Jun-2021
JORDAN - Middle East Studies, Amman Spring 17-Jun-2021
SWITZERLAND - Global Studies, Geneva Spring 17-Jun-2021
ITALY - Bocconi Univ. Spring 24-Jun-2021
SPAIN - Carlos III Univ. of Madrid Spring 24-Jun-2021
SPAIN - Univ. of Barcelona Spring 24-Jun-2021
CYPRUS - Univ. of Nicosia Spring 8-Jul-2021
SINGAPORE - Singapore Univ. of Technology and Design Spring 8-Jul-2021
UNITED KINGDOM - English Universities Spring 8-Jul-2021
UNITED KINGDOM - Scottish Universities Spring 8-Jul-2021
ISRAEL - Technion-Institute of Technology Spring 15-Jul-2021
BELGIUM - Field Research & Internship, Brussels Spring 22-Jul-2021
FRANCE - Field Research & Internship, Paris Spring 22-Jul-2021
FRANCE - Field Research & Internship, Strasbourg Spring 22-Jul-2021
FRANCE - Social Justice and Activism Winter, Spring 22-Jul-2021
MEXICO - National Autonomous Univ. of Mexico (UNAM) Spring 22-Jul-2021
NETHERLANDS - Business & Economics, Maastricht Univ. Spring 22-Jul-2021
NETHERLANDS - Leiden Univ. College Spring 22-Jul-2021
NETHERLANDS - Psychology & Neuroscience, Maastricht Univ. Spring 22-Jul-2021
NETHERLANDS - Univ. College Maastricht Spring 22-Jul-2021
NETHERLANDS - Univ. College Utrecht Spring 22-Jul-2021
NETHERLANDS - Utrecht Univ. Spring 22-Jul-2021
THAILAND - Thammasat Univ. Spring 22-Jul-2021
HONG KONG - Chinese Univ. of Hong Kong Spring 29-Jul-2021
HONG KONG - Univ. of Hong Kong (HKU) Spring 29-Jul-2021
JAPAN - Hitotsubashi Univ. Spring 5-Aug-2021
SINGAPORE - National Univ. of Singapore Spring 12-Aug-2021
CZECHIA - Central European Studies Spring 19-Aug-2021
ITALY - Art, Food and Society Winter, Spring 19-Aug-2021
ITALY - Italian in Florence Winter, Spring 19-Aug-2021
ITALY - Made in Italy Winter, Spring 19-Aug-2021
ITALY - Psychology & Cognitive Science, Padova Spring 19-Aug-2021
ITALY - Univ. of Bologna Spring 19-Aug-2021
JAPAN - International Christian Univ. Spring 19-Aug-2021
SWEDEN - Lund Univ. Spring 19-Aug-2021
BARBADOS - Univ. of the West Indies Spring 26-Aug-2021
KOREA - Seoul National Univ. Spring 26-Aug-2021
FRANCE - French in Bordeaux Spring 2-Sep-2021
FRANCE - Sciences Po Paris Spring 2-Sep-2021
FRANCE - Sciences Po Reims Spring 2-Sep-2021
FRANCE - Univ. of Bordeaux Spring 2-Sep-2021
FRANCE - Univ. of Lyon Spring 2-Sep-2021
GERMANY - Free Univ. Berlin Spring 2-Sep-2021
GERMANY - Humboldt Univ. Berlin Spring 2-Sep-2021
GERMANY - Technical Univ. Berlin Spring 2-Sep-2021
JAPAN - Global Studies, Japan Spring 2-Sep-2021
JAPAN - Japanese in Kyoto Spring 2-Sep-2021
JAPAN - STEM Research in Osaka Spring 2-Sep-2021
KOREA - Yonsei Univ. Spring 2-Sep-2021
NORWAY - Univ. of Oslo Spring 2-Sep-2021
SWEDEN - Uppsala Univ. Spring 2-Sep-2021
TAIWAN - National Taiwan Univ. Spring 9-Sep-2021
GERMANY - European Studies Spring 16-Sep-2021
COSTA RICA - Tropical Biology and Conservation Spring 30-Sep-2021
FRANCE + UNITED KINGDOM - Global Cities Urban Realities Spring 30-Sep-2021

UCEAP Deadline Extension Request Form

Extension Request Form

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