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Deadline A Extensions by Country

December 3 Deadline Extensions Listed by Country

Find UCEAP study abroad program deadline extensions listed by country and program below.

Program Term Deadline
AUSTRALIA - Sydney Summer Physics Summer 7-Jan-21
BRAZIL - Brazilian Seminars Summer 11-Feb-21
BRAZIL - Pontifical Catholic Univ. of Rio de Janeiro Fall 11-Feb-21
CHILE - Chilean Universities Fall 11-Feb-21
CHINA - Shanghai Summer Summer 28-Jan-21
CYPRUS - Nicosia Summer Physics Summer 7-Jan-21
CZECHIA - Summer Internship, Prague Summer 4-Feb-21
DENMARK - Copenhagen Business School Summer Summer 7-Jan-21
GERMANY - European Studies Fall 28-Jan-21
GLOBAL - Virtual Summer Internships Summer 4-Feb-21
HONG KONG - Hong Kong Summer, CUHK Summer 7-Jan-21
HONG KONG - Hong Kong Summer, HKUST Summer 7-Jan-21
HONG KONG - Research in Hong Kong Summer 7-Jan-21
ICELAND - Univ. of Iceland Fall, Year (academic) 7-Jan-21
IRELAND - Dublin Science & Engineering Summer 7-Jan-21
ITALY + SPAIN - Mediterranean Politics, Food & Culture Fall 28-Jan-21
JAPAN - Engineering & Science Year (academic) 31-Dec-20
JAPAN - International Christian Univ. Fall, Year (academic) 31-Dec-20
JAPAN - Japanese in Tokyo Summer 31-Dec-20
JAPAN - STEM Research in Osaka Summer 31-Dec-20
JAPAN - STEM Research in Tokyo Summer 31-Dec-20
JAPAN - Waseda Univ. Year (academic) 31-Dec-20
NETHERLANDS - Biological & Life Sciences, Maastricht Univ. Fall 21-Jan-21
NETHERLANDS - Leiden Univ. College Fall, Year (academic) 21-Jan-21
NETHERLANDS - Maastricht Summer Summer 21-Jan-21
NETHERLANDS - Psychology & Neuroscience, Maastricht Univ. Fall 21-Jan-21
NETHERLANDS - Univ. College Utrecht Fall, Year (academic) 21-Jan-21
SINGAPORE - STEM Research in Singapore Summer 31-Dec-20
SPAIN - 21st Century Barcelona Summer 28-Jan-21
SPAIN - Beyond Barcelona Summer 28-Jan-21
SPAIN - Carlos III Univ. of Madrid Fall 28-Jan-21
SPAIN - Complutense Univ. of Madrid Fall, Year (academic) 28-Jan-21
SPAIN - Contemporary Spain Fall 28-Jan-21
SPAIN - Madrid Summer Physics Summer 7-Jan-21
SPAIN - Python and Data Science Summer 28-Jan-21
SPAIN - Spanish in Madrid Summer 28-Jan-21
SPAIN - Univ. of Barcelona Fall, Year (academic) 28-Jan-21
UNITED KINGDOM - Glasgow Science and Engineering Summer 7-Jan-21
UNITED KINGDOM - Summer at University College London Summer 21-Jan-21
UNITED KINGDOM - Summer in Oxford Summer 21-Jan-21
UNITED KINGDOM - Summer in Sussex Summer 7-Jan-21

UCEAP Deadline Extension Request Form

Extension Request Form

For some programs, extensions might be possible with certain limitations. Please complete the form below to request an extension.